Version: 1.0

This service allows you to access the full corpus of Lens scholarly works using the flexibility and convenience of a REST API. The versioned API allows you to perform and combine several types of searches using a number of different operations. This API documentation provides guidelines for getting you started with the API and details the request/response schema with examples. A Swagger UI is also provided for query development and a GitHub repository is provided for issue tracking.

We have described several supported query types and use cases in the documentation, however the examples listed may not cover all applicable scenarios that you might want to use. If there are other scenarios that you would find useful, please let us know. As we receive feedback, we will update the documentation with new examples, and we will use your input to guide development and improve the API.

This is version 1.0 of the Lens Scholarly API, which we will continue to develop and improve with your help. For the initial release, we are offering API subscriptions until the end of 2019 while we work on improving the service and adding more features. As we continue scaling up the Lens services, we welcome your feedback, and if you would like to help us design and build API’s and web services that better meet your needs, please take our survey.

You can request access to the Lens Scholarly API or PatSeq Bulk Downloads or manage your subscription and access tokens from your Lens user profile.

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